Calculate Your ROI using EarzON® Custom Hearing Protectors vs. Foam Earplugs

Using this ROI calculator, easily determine how your company can benefit from improved comfort, compliance, and long-term cost-effectiveness by comparing EarzON® versus disposable foam earplugs. As with any business decision, it's important to look at your return on investment (ROI).

Return on Investment Calculator: Compare EarzON® Custom Hearing Protectors Against Foam Earplugs

per pair *

INSTRUCTIONS: In the yellow boxes, enter the number of employees utilizing hearing protection in your workplace (Step 1), the average per pair cost of your foam earplugs (Step 2), and the average number of foam earplugs each employee uses per workshift (Step 3). Your resulting Return on Investment will appear in the blue boxes below.

per pair
pairs per day
Return on Investment: SAVE ON DIRECT COST!
Estimated annual cost of EarzON® customs (no additional cost after 1st year):
Estimated annual cost of foam earplugs (ongoing costs each year):
Your estimated annual savings with EarzON®:
Your estimated CUMULATIVE TOTAL savings with EarzON®:
Estimated number of pairs of foam earplugs discarded annually**:
Estimated CUMULATIVE TOTAL number of pairs of foam earplugs discarded:
* Pricing does not include ear impression. Quantity discounts available. Contact your local representative for details.
** Calculations based on estimate of 240 workdays per year

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